Anna Leopolder Meetup Berlin

You: Anna Leopolder

Anna Leopolder attended Meetup in April 2016. Info:


Anna Leopolder was born in 1967 in south bavaria, Germany. From 1986, she studied arts in Duesseldorf (Prof. Jan Dibbets) and later in Berlin (Prof. Karl-Horst Hoedicke). Her Artwork consists mainly of paintings and photography.

In the beginnig of the 90ies she was founding member of two notorious trash bands in Hamburg: Mausi Sisters: Kathrin Kuhrau (guitar), Pia Burnette (vocals), Bruno Maier (drums), Anna Leopolder (bass) and Meckatzer Bubn: Marcel Petri (guitar, vocals), Kathrin Kuhrau (drums), Anna Leopolder (bass).

From 1995 – 2002 she also worked as a DJ (DJ Anna Elle). Since 1997 she has been back in Berlin. Lately, she has been working as a producer of eletronic music.



Official Website

Facebook Page


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