Claudia Tomaz Meetup Berlin

You: Claudia Tomaz

Claudia Tomas attended the Meetup in 2016. Info:

Claudia is a London-based filmmaker (originally from Portugal) whose work encompasses many different styles and genres. She often works in a film-essay style, using an experimental and poetic approach to images and sounds. Claudia is also dedicated to use video as a tool for social change; her latest project is a feature documentary about the housing crisis in London ‘Give us space’. Past work includes experimental films, music videos, AV live sets, documentaries and 2 full-length fiction films [‘Nights’ won ‘The critic’s week award’ in 2000 at the Venice Film Festival].

Claudia also works as a freelancer and collaborates with others, in a wide range of projects and people, such as making videos for campaigns (eg. low carbon housing), working with musicians, filming gigs and events, making short documentaries, creating live visuals & projections for shows (theater/dance/djs) or selecting activist documentaries for a socially engaged festival.

Claudia works in an ethical way, at affordable prices, usually without a crew, filming and editing with her own professional HD equipment; she also designs platforms to distribute work online.

Claudia has been releasing her new and old videos online, to celebrate 20 years making films. She works independently without funding. The films are generously available for free, however if you enjoy Claudia’s films please consider supporting her work with a donation. Small and big gifts are all welcome.



Official Website





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