Miss Natasha Enquist Meetup Berlin

You: Miss Natasha Enquist

Miss Natasha Enquist attended the Meetup in May 2016. Info:


Miss Natasha Enquist is a singer-songwriter and musician based in Berlin, Germany. Originally from British Columbia, Canada, she studied classical piano as a child, had a career in fashion design and merchandising before having the accordion take over her life. She has had training in acting, voice and accordion since then, and has performed her way from Canada to Walt Disney World, and over to Europe to progress with her dreamy, dark, romantic sound of mixing electronic pop music with her accordion chanteuse style.

She has had a versatile career with performance contracts with Walt Disney World, Heineken, ongoing work with Hendrick’s Gin, and has recently had 4 of her original songs featured in the Berlin-based short film “The Birthday”, which has debuted at over 20 international film festivals. She has performed with Canadian Children’s Entertainer, Mr. Fred Penner, shared the stage with Karl Bartos (Kraftwerk), Chicks on Speed, Hidden Cameras, and Geoff Berner, and has launched her own record label, MNE Records and recorded her debut album, “MNE”, in Berlin with Kollo Agency, set to be released in August 2016.

She is best known for her cabaret twist on both new and old love songs, but is now focused on the style she calls “electro-accordion”. Mixing electronic pop music with the accordion and her voice, she draws from her influences within electronic pop music and other artists like Depeche Mode, David Bowie, Goldfrapp, Björk, A Great White Bird and the Eurythmics.



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