Meetup Berlin foto © Mila Chiral / Jellyfish provided by Peter Peschke and Petra Lehr

Mila Chiral (Anja)

Anja alias Mila Chiral is in charge of the Ableton editions of Meetup Berlin which take place every few moths. Info:

Mila Chiral is a Berlin based dancer-choreographer and electronic musician, who works in composing sounds and poetry as well as bodies and movements in time and space. She’s educated in dance and classical music since childhood and the influences in her youth include classical music as well as new and dark wave, new romantics, NDW and the music of Prince and his collaborators. Following the rise of electronic in the early nineties, she started collaborating with (electronic) musicians for her choreographies and made her first steps into electronic music production for dance/performances with Bernhard Bockelbrink in the project BrainScan 1995-2000.

Her music is colourful, multi-layered and four-dimensional. Sounds and poetry create clear rhythmical patterns, repetitive or accenturated – always longing for moving bodies in the spaces and ambience she creates.

Referring to chirality in three-dimensional objects as molecules Mila’s musical and poetic compositions might be seen as chiral (distingishuable asymmetric) to her choreographic approach.

Mila Chiral is part of minutektiv, a group of music producers from Berlin, which every secong week publishes their „minutes collection“ – a collection of one minute long tracks, each produced in max. an hour or less and following a collective guideline.



Mila Chiral Facebook


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