Red Pig Flower Meetup Berlin

Live: Red Pig Flower

Red Pig Flower performed her 3rd live set ever on Meetup Berlin in August 2016. Info:


Red Pig Flower is a London and Berlin based DJ, producer and artist. She started her career as a professional DJ at club Rooty (Tokyo) and Air (Seoul), and sizzled up the dance floor with a tribal beat in an impressive style.

From 2009, she became more well known as a party guest DJ and organizer, working with artists such as House Rules (Korea) and Capsule, Hico and Towa Tei (Japan). She became an outreach DJ for the Pacemaker product and in 2010 became sponsored by the Samick Innovative Music System, a Korean branch of Native Instruments. However, Red Pig Flower’s most extraordinary skill is her habit of getting peoples’ hearts racing with tribal beats and cooling the steam off with upbeat techno sets.

There is the red pig flower,
such a red artist.
RED means reality.
She’s found all the nice red things.
Blood, cherries, berries, lipstick, sunrise, sunset, sign of warning.
Rose, Chinese flower, heart, red carpet and excitement.
She represents her red works in paintings and photography.
PIG means desire.
Smart and greedy animal, smarter than dogs.
But loved as a food because of its ugliness.
She rejects the notion that greed is a bad thing
And tries to represent and see people’s desire through her art.
She expresses her desire through “receipt projects”.
FLOWER is originally a “plastic flower”, which means dreams and idealistic beauty.
She denied all the real flowers, which die and fade away easily. She tries to
find out something which is eternal and infinite, one within her life.
She represents her flower work in video and sound arts.
And of course these 3 works are related to each other.




Resident Advisor

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