Next Meetup: 21st September

The next Meetup Berlin will take place 21st September at the usual space. For information about the address or in case you’d like to reserve a DJ spot, hit us on FB!

This time, we will have 3 live acts and 2 guests presenting EQ network, a Berlin-based initiative of underrepresented genders working with any kind of electronic music and/or sound technology and Easterndaze, a platform focusing on music from Eastern Europe and its new festival which will take place in Berlin 28. 9. – 9. 10.. The shows will be accompannied by live mapping installation by Alida Sun. As always, doors open at 7pm, males are welcome from 9pm. And this time, all four or us organizers will party with you! See you there!  ٩(^ᴗ^)۶

Aiko, Bianca, Friday and Yulka


Talk Guests:
Ellie Gregory (EQ Network ,
Lucia Udvardyová (Easterndaze

Live Acts:
Sarah Kivi


Abelha Supersónica

Alida Sun



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