Grinder Teeth meetup berlin

Live: Grinder Teeth

Grinder Teeth performed a half live half DJ set on the Meetup in August 2016.


Grinder Teeth the moniker of Norwegian Veslemøy Rustad Holseter is a multi-
media artist and musician living in Berlin.
Her interdisciplinary live performance & sound art works explore themes of gender and sexuality as they relate to current day feminism and cultural ideology. In 2015 Holseter completed studies in Live Electronics at the Norwegian Academy Of Music, following a Bachelor in Music production at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (2012), and has previously presented work at Berlin Kunstfabrik HB55 (2014,) National Jazzscene, Oslo (2015) and Multitest, Vienna (2015). Since autumn 2015 she has taken up residency in Berlin, where she is running her intersectional feminist show ‘HEX BITCH’ on Cashmere Radio while simultaneously presenting live works and dj’ing around Europe.

Grinder teeth utilizes live improvisation through Ableton Live and Max Msp to build reverb soaked, layered soundscapes with noisy trip hop-beats in the likes of Vessel, Forest Swords and Jenny Hval. Her Debut EP ‘Memory Of Flesh [[KIME]]’, an opus for voice and live electronics set for release on Berlin label Freudian Slit Spring 2017 marks a new, darker direction in her work, exploring metallic instrumentation through themes of gender, desire and hypersensitivity.

Grinder Teeth Official Website



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