Next Meetup: 16th March 2017. Topic: Booking

✌️ LOCATION: Please send us a message (same as the last time) ✌️
✌️ Open projectors for VJs ✌️
✌️ Open decks for DJs / Live Acts ✌️
On March 16th, we invite you to join us in a discussion and / or party, meet other Berlin-based artists, DJs, VJs and professionals from music industry or just have a beer and chill with us ^_^. This time, we will talk about booking an artist from all aspects: How to be booked as an artist (DJ/VJ/etc), how to be a booking manager, what it takes to successfully run a booking agency and what are the conditions in Berlin and world-wide. Two prominent Berlin based booking agency owners and industry professionals will join us in the discussion and share their professional experience and insight: Mo Loschelder from Media Loca and Annika Weyhrich from fling.
💎7 – 9 pm Discussion about booking for female*, trans* and inter* artists💎
Mo Loschelder – a founder of Media Loca agency (booking Electric Indigo, Gudrun Gut and Alec Empire among others), who we had a pleasure to invite last year for a screening of her Heroines Of Sound festival.
Annika Weyhrich – a founder of fling, Booking / PR / Music Consulting / Artists Management Agency (The Egyptian Lover, Joakim, Shed).
💎From 9 pm 🎵 – Live and DJ sets for all open minded people💎
Wild Anima (live)
Vivian Koch (DJ)
More info about our speakers:
Mo Loschelder:
After her studies at Duesseldorf Art Academy from 1985 – 1991 with famous painter Gerhard Richter, Mo Loschelder decided to move to Berlin, where she started to DJ and to collaborate with visual artist Daniel Pflumm and electronic musician Klaus Kotai, organizing the clubs „Elektro“ and “Panasonic”, curating the music program at “Init”, running the label Elektro Music Department and producing LP’s and EP’s under the moniker Kotai+Mo, Los Dos, Mo feat. El Puma and under her own name.
From 1994 – 1998 she worked at the record-store Hard Wax where she established the “Strange Music / Early Electronic” section.
From 2002 – 2005 she was executive manager at a manufacturing service in Berlin, and in early 2006 started as booking agent at Gostimirovic Music Management.
In June 2009 Mo Loschelder founded her own agency MEDIA LOCA, focusing on experimental electronic artists, such as Gudrun Gut, Lucrecia Dalt, Electric Indigo, Jan Jelinek, Kammerflimmer Kollektief, Charlemagne Palestine…
Mo Loschelder has co-produced several political/musical festivals:
2013 Perspectives Festival, Berlin
2014 Continuity and Change: Energy and Society after Fukushima 11.03.11
2015 & 2016 Heroines of Sound, Berlin
Annika Weyhrich:
She is a modern-day renaissance woman. Driving culture in Germany and throughout Europe for over 15 years, Annika has probably curated some of your favorite event without you even knowing it.
She started off as a radio host and soon after threw her first event. She’s called the shots from behind the scenes ever since. Annika has showcased her kaleidoscope of creative talents across many job titles. She’s been a content programmer (MTV Europe), content producer (SLICES Electronic Beats), talent buyer (TAPE Club, Berlin) and agent. In 2008, Annika headed up the booking department of International DeeJay Gigolo Records. During her time there she was also DJ Hell’s agent. She spent two years at SSC Group before branching out on her own.
In 2011, Annika founded Fling, a creative agency consulting clients on Public Relations, Marketing Strategy, Event Production and Artist Bookings. They produced amazing projects for everyone from The Redbull Music Academy, Soundcloud, Goethe Institute, Adidas, X-Filme, Koch Media and Audi to name a few.
In May 2015, Annika was appointed the Head of Communication at the Institute of Sound and Music. A museum founded for the preservation of sound and the contemporary exploration of electronic music. She served as a Guest Lecture at the Universität der Künste in Berlin during the winter semester 2016/17.
After being invited to share her thoughts on a panel about diversity in the music industry at Soho House Berlin, a collaboration with Native Instruments, in January 2017, she recently spoke about new marketing strategies at the By:Larm Festival in Oslo, Norway.

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