Meetup Stage and discussion with Corp.on Friday 5th May

Hello everyone! This Friday, we will team up with Romanian platform Corp. for a female-focused club night in our “regular” venue.  Please find the press release below. Looking forward to meet you there!

The Bucharest based platform for female identified DJs hosts a night together with the Berlin round table for female* and LGBTQ* artists

On the evening of Friday 5th May, our favorite secret venue is teaming up with Romanian platform Corp., Meetup Berlin and local DJs – come for a night full of great music by female-identifying DJs and acts and stay for the rest of the weekend!

The event will start at 22:00 with a discussion presenting activities of the Bucharest-based platform and a booking agency Corp. and its artists, the local monthly round table Meetup Berlin organizing discussions and performances of female* and LGBTQ* DJs, producers, VJs and other artists in realms of electronic music and digital arts, and Mary C, a Prague based DJ, radio host, producer and record label founder. We will share and compare our experience with working with and supporting female* focused events and fem* artists in each city.

From midnight on, you can enjoy the Corp. stage with fem DJs from Bucharest and Meetup Berlin hall with fem DJs and live acts. You can stay for the rest of the weekend.

Location: Please send a personal message to Meetup Berlin, Corp. or Zuz for more info.


22:00-24:00 Discussion with Corp. artists, Meetup Berlin and Mary C

Corp. Stage:


Beatrice Sommer



Meetup Berlin Hall:

24:00 – 02:00 Mary C

02:00 – 02:45 Carmel Zoum

02:45 – 04:30 Chez Mieke

04:30 – 06:00 Gigsta


Event & Meetup Berlin:




About Corp.:

Corp. is a Bucharest based project, platform and booking agency which encompasses musical & visual endeavors. It aims to represent and showcase female-identified DJ talent in electronic music, while also being dedicated to acquiring and exposing obscure sights and sounds, spanning from experimental & traditional forms, from the centre, the netherworlds and beyond. The project also aspires to go beyond the performing artists and to include studio musicians, producers, sound engineers, technicians, cover artists, distributors, promoters, and festival organizers who are also women. The main drive behind Corp. is to open and sustain a studio where women will have the space and time to further develop their skills.




About Meetup Berlin:

Meetup is a new and growing community of female* artists in the fields of music and arts in Berlin. We meet once per month to discuss and exchange ideas, develop projects and combine forces to make things happen. Meetup provides an opportunity to meet likeminded individuals for collaborating on projects.




Admina’s Facebook artist page identifies her as a native of Timisoara, Romania and a member of Corp., “a project, platform and booking agency” that “aims to represent and showcase female-identified DJ talent” (which, yes, sounds familiar). Her DJ set for Intersections, a Romanian mix series that’s a good resource for discovering local DJ talent, reveals a techno disposition. On the other hand, her SoundCloud snippets show a penchant for adventurous minimalism.

Beatrice Sommer:

Although Beatrice’s been DJing for only about a year, she has always been into music and discovering the most truthful of it. Thus, she got involved in the alternative underground scene of Bucharest from an early age, having been led to immerse herself in a wide variety of musical landscapes. Her sets strongly reflect her affinity for avant-garde and experimental music as well as her support for that which is different, for whatever steps out of the conformist, repetitive way of creating and curating aesthetic forms. Besides, she is an Anthropology student and nature enthusiast.

Carmel Zoum:

French-Congolese Berlin-based singer and performer Carmel Zoum, was born in Moscow, grew up in France and has been living in Germany for 13 years. Since her parents are Congolese, the first music to have an impact on Carmel Zoum was “Soukous” – a dance music genre that originated from Cuban Rumba music and the Congo – that gained popularity throughout Africa. A versatile singer, MC flowing in English and French, Carmel Zoum is a fiery force of nature on the mic, bringing groovy and beautiful melodies and hardcore Dancehall vibes to thrill dance floors. Based in Berlin, Carmel Zoum is mainly known as a dancehall reggae artist, but also works with hip hop, electronic and bass producers.

Chez Mieke:

She likes cosmic jazz, post rock and instrumental hip hop. In her sets songs work like tracks, and beats roll like narratives. Her fusions are all her own. She doesn’t care if you follow her, but she smiles when you dance. Her selections are dreamlike and personal. And every record she plays has passed through her listening heart.


Chlorys is a DJ, visual artist and soon-to-be-cyborg based in Bucharest. After only one year of trekking through the murky & engulfing waters of electronic music, Chlorys is already a member of the Queer Night family of DJs. During this relatively short time span, she played alongside Lena Willikens, Borusiade, Khidja, Holy Fix, Utopus, L-Vis 1990 etc. and was part of the Rokolectiv Festival 2016 roster. Her music selection spans from electronica, disco, minimal and beyond. She situates herself (or not) everywhere in-between or outside of the genre-formula, letting herself be seized by the limbo currents into undisclosed territories. Incorporating a background in visual arts, Chlorys emphasizes on a multi and interdisciplinary approach to music and is concerned about socio-political context. All those interests led her to be a contributor to Bucharest based The Attic Magazine for sonic and visual investigations. Noticing the need for an inclusive local (and international) electronic music scene, as of late 2016, she and other female-identified musicians (Admina, Cosima Von Bülove from Raze de Soare, Hipdiebattery & others) have started a platform and a studio called Corp. whose aim is to promote and encourage female musicians by offering them the space and time where they can exercise and outperform themselves.


Cosima Opartan, former architect that gave up planning for a concoction of reasons, both ideological and practical, is now part of collectives that deal with music, performance and sometimes nothing. Assumed musical identity as half of Raze de Soare [Future Nuggets], a duo that is interested in exploring the sound of outernational minimal restaurant music. Started collaborating with the Presidential Candidacy group, getting involved aesthetically as well as conceptually and migrated towards finance democratization through technology as a member of Robin Hood Minor Asset Management. Really interested in working with image, the surface or appearance of things, as a subversive way to address questions.


Gigsta is a true music fanatic working across many fields of musical performance and practice: as an academic she writes about techno criticism and as radio host, she experiments every month on her show Fictions on Berlin-based radio Cashmere. Her long-term passion for selecting music has brought her to DJing and in spring and summer she will be playing several festivals as well as the highly respected Parisian club Concrete.

Mary C:

Marie Čtveráčková aka Mary C is a music editor, DJ, host and producer for public youth station Radio Wave. She hosts a weekly show “Scéna s Mary C” focused on rap and progressive electronic music. Together with well established rapper and producer Bonus she started a label called post-label, releasing music on postcards, and founded music educational platform Kreaton. Once a month Kreaton has a form of a radio show on Radio Wave, it is focused on testing various instruments, hardware and software and inspiring young musicians not only about new ways of making music but also on business side of the it. Kreaton also organizes various workshops. Mary C started an educational event Music Ports for young electronic producers supported by Goethe-Institut, she is a proud member of female:pressure collective and is very much engaged in the topic of gender, music and feminism. She writes a special column focused on the topic of gender and music for Full Moon Magazine and publish her feminist fanzine Obrovska named after Czech composer Jana Obrovska (Jane The Great). Mary also plays the violin and perform in live rap performance as Člověk Pokrokový and improvised sessions Hrubik with Bonus.


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