Next Meetup: 17th October 2018

The next Meetup Berlin will take place October 17th 2018 at Lauschangriff, Rigaer Str. 103, 10247 Berlin, Germany.

Event on Facebook:

Discussion (7 – 9 PM): Editing, Re-making, Re-working = The Remix

There are different ways to re-work a track and change it from the original mix to the re-mix.
What elements do producers use? Which procedure is useful? Which devices may help us? Individual producers have a different approach to the original piece of work.

Wardita will explain to us her personal approach when doing a remix.
Q&A – You’re warmly invited to share your own experiences.

About Wardita:
Wardita is a producer of techno and tech-house who started her producing career as a remixer of Arabic, Turkish songs eight years ago. She’s frequently being asked of making a remix when an oriental touch is wanted – as that’s what she became famous for.
Her next release in this field will be in November for Paris based Hadi Zeidan. In October a two-track Maxi-Single of deep Techno will be released on Tonleiter Records.

Music Program (9 PM – 1 AM):

Breezy LIVE


Wardita DJ

Isa Wolff DJ

19:00-21:00 discussion is open to women*, trans* and inter*
21:00-1:00 is open to all genders


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